William Arthur Durie

W A Durie PN2014_05085
PAMA, William Perkins Bull fonds, series 8, file 970

William Arthur Durie was born on February 23, 1889, in Toronto, York County, the son of Alexander Durie, a butcher at 904 Queen Street West, and his wife, Mary (also known as Minnie) Samantha Armstrong. The Durie family moved to Clarkson, Toronto Township in 1896 and Alexander opened a grocery store on Clarkson Road, on Lot 28, Conc 2 SDS which he had leased from Mildred Clarkson, daughter of Henry Clarkson.

BA0067 Arthur Durie Store
Alex Durie Store
Mississauga Library System, Historic Images Gallery

Alex delivered meat, groceries, fruit and vegetables throughout the area. He and his wife Mary had six children, Arthur, as he was known, being the second.
Arthur enlisted in the 126th Overseas Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force on January 14, 1916, giving his occupation as grocer. He was wounded in the war and returned to Canada.
It is recorded that Arthur crossed the border to Detroit in January of 1926. On October 30, 1926 he married Mina Drusilla Chamberlain in Oakville, giving his place of residence as Detroit, Michigan and his occupation as salesman. He also declared himself to be a widower, so he must have been married previously.
Arthur died in 1972 and is buried in Springcreek Cemetery, Clarkson.

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