Port Credit Boys

Men from Port Credit are photographed on Salisbury Plain in 1915. Back row, left to right: John Swain, Herbert Waters, A. C. W. Richards, William Everett, S. J. Strickland, John Leviston and William Green (killed). Front row, left to right: Bugler George Cordoza (killed), C. A. Tapp, G. A. Pearson (killed), Sgt. John Mills, Lt. William T. Bleakley, Sgt. A. G. Scott, Military Cross (killed), A. F. Lockyer and Sgt. Samuel Barr. John Mills was 15 years old when he came to Canada as a home child in 1892. He joined the active militia with the 36th Peel Regiment and served with the 36th until World War I when he was assigned to the 1st Division, 1st Brigade, 4th Battalion, nicknamed the “Mad Fourth”. Mills went overseas with John Woodhouse, a friend from Brampton, and later married John’s sister, Mary Woodhouse, whom he met at the family home while on leave in Enfield, England.


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